Fireworks and Sunset Blvd.

While driving back to my apartment this evening, I spotted a vibrantly red “Fireworks” sign lit up in huge letters along the freeway. I found this to be peculiar considering the 40 mile stretch between Boise and Mountain Home is virtually barren, empty, and desolate. Also, it’s February. New Years has passed, and July 4th is five months away. So tell me, who is buying fireworks at 9:00pm on a Sunday evening in February? Yet, one could choose to purchase fireworks at this random, misplaced stand in the middle of nowhere. Go figure.

Even stranger, I looked up firework laws in Idaho and discovered this:

Selling Period: “Midnight, June 23 through midnight, July 5 Midnight December 26 through midnight January 1 May be regulated by local jurisdictions as to dates allowed.”

*scratches head*

Lately, I’m finding that my loneliness is making me very productive. About 90% of my week I’m “alone”. Sure, I’m in class with other students. I sit by old men in coffee shops. I play with the little kids at church. I see my roommates now and then, and on some random days I go out with a friend. However, I’m mostly alone. Sometimes I feel bitter about it, but when I adapt a bad attitude I pray for God to change my heart. For the most part, I use my alone time to learn. Once I get my forced education out of the way, I’m free to learn about the things that truly interest me. I’m currently working a few projects, and typically each project includes a list. For example, every day I pick one country out of the 193 that presently exist. I spend an hour reading about the country – it’s history, people, economy etc. I also develop a mental picture of that country by searching for pictures on panoramio. Among other projects include reading Easton Press’s Top 100 Books Ever Written, watching AFI’s list of Best 100 Movies of All Time, writing my novel, and reading the Wall Street Journal every day. I’m also learning to use Photoshop proficiently and attempting to edit and create videos using my macbook. Of course, I can rarely devote time to all these activities every day, but I try my best.

Verse of the Day:

Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have, for God has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

– Hebrews 13:5

Movie of the Day:

Sunset Blvd.


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