Yellowknife – Isolated Civilization

Lately I’ve been weirdly obsessed with researching the Northwest Territories and Yukon in Canada. I’ve always thought it to be a barren wasteland, but have recently discovered this city called “Yellowknife’ in NT. It’s got 20,000 people (75% of the territories’ entire population), and it actually has a SKYLINE. 

There is something particularly surreal about seeing a modern skyline that’s so remote from “civilization”. 

The nearest city with a population of any significant size is “Saskatoon” which is over 2000 miles away, and is the size of Boise Idaho. 

I wonder what it’s like to grow up in Yellowknife. The temperature varies from -30 F to 70 F. There’s much to say about Yellowknife and the other various towns the span northern Canada, but I’ll stop now. I’m just really, really fascinated.



One thought on “Yellowknife – Isolated Civilization

  1. Hi – just stumbled on your blog post while doing some research. There’s lots going on up here! If you want, have a look at my website or blog ( Anyway, not spamming you with anything – just saw that you were interested in the North so thought you might be interested in seeing this slice of life!

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