All the World is Waiting for the Sun.

Have you ever been golfing in the rain? On a clear, beautiful day golf is a relaxing sport – a sport in which one can leisurely stroll across the green grass, enjoy the landscape, and hit a few balls. However, there is something particularly painful about a slow, leisurely walk through the pouring rain. I won’t fail to mention the biting, cold wind. I was wearing a flimsly, hoodless sweathshirt (which is not waterproof, if you did not already know) and my dad forgot his hat. My clubs were drenched in water, which made gripping the golf club a mighty challange indeed. I managed to keep my footing until I smartly walked down a mud hill and slipped.

Around the 6th hole, we came across an outdoor restroom. Let me tell you, friends, a bathroom has never seemed so luxurious. The room was filled with flowers and hard cover novels (yes, you read right). There was a hand dryer. Oh, the hand dryer. My soaking wet body loved that hand dryer. I turned it on and sat beneath it for a good ten minutes while I defrosted my fingers and dried my hair.

My 10 minutes of dryer heaven was over too soon as we made our way over to the 7th hole.

Don’t get me wrong – it was a quite an enjoyable afternoon. After ducking from tree to tree in desperate attempts to stay dry, we decided to embrace the rain. And so we did. Embracing the rain is like sliding through the mud. At some point, you give up any attempt to stay clean and you embrace the dirtiness. In the same way – “now we’re wet, might as well get wetter”.

I wonder how I’ll do on our 7 day trek through Lost Pass in the Olympic Mountains this summer?


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