Love or Lists

God created mankind and granted him the choice to obey or disobey. I often wonder why the God of the universe chose to create sinful people who cause him so much grief. I was thinking though, that it’s kind of similar to us choosing to engage in relationships with other people. If we were to chose to live as hermits in the mountain, we could spare ourselves a lot of risk and pain. But because we are created in the image of God, we yearn for human relationships and therefore are willing to risk the pain. Similarly, God created us so that we love him in return, despite the fact that we cause him grief. Every star, galaxy, microorganism, and living creature demonstrates the glory of God, but nothing brings more joy to the Creator of the Universe than the love and devotion of his children. What an honor!

God reveals Himself through the Bible over 4,000 years of history. Slowly, but surely, he demonstrates his power, majesty, justice, and holiness. Throughout the Old Testament, he constantly shows the nation of Israel that He is loving, caring, persistent, and just. God’s holiness is revealed, and we come to understand that God cannot even be near sin, and that the wage of any sin is death. Through the laws of the Old Testament, we learn that we cannot possibly keep His commandments and that we need a Savior to rescue us from the death we deserve.

And so in the New Testament, God sends his Son to be the final sacrifice for our sins. He pays the price, and stands between God and mankind as the ultimate arbitrator. Therefore, when God looks at us he no longer sees our sins – he sees Christ. We are clean, we are free, and we are guiltless.

So what is Christianity all about? What could we possibly do to repay Him? I dunno, but I tend to think that all we need to do is love Him. That is why he created us isn’t it? To love Him, worship him, praise Him, imitate Him and glorify Him with our lives? So we learn about the nature of God by studying the Bible, and then we love Him for all he has done for us, and because we love Him we obey him. Our obedience is motivated out of love, not out of a fear of displeasing God. Because God already loves us and forgives us. I believe our main job is to love Him…because how can we not? And once we begin to realize what He has done, we desire to serve Him. And when we fail – which we will because we are very inperfect – we seek forgiveness and He grants it each time. His mercies are new every morning. It’s all about love…not a list of rules. It’s about freedom, not guilt.

It’s truly wonderful.

Ok I’m done.

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