Live Long and Prosper

Perspective. Webster’s dictionary defines Perspective as “a mental view or outlook” (har har)

Is it possible to change your perspective, say…over night? How closely are attitude and perspective related?

Webster’s dictionary defines perspective as “a state of mind”.

Sounds similar to me.

Anyway, people often say that attitudes can change rather quickly. I imagine if perspective is very similar, that it too can be changed quickly.

Emotions stem from thoughts, no? Webster’s dictionary definition of emotion is ” A mental state that arises spontaneously rather than through conscious effort and is often accompanied by physiological changes”

Ahh, here we see “mental state” again. And appears spontaneously? What if that could be controlled?

Mental eh? Does that possibly mean that if we can trick our minds into believing certain things, it will subsequently effect our emotions as well?

Does it all begin with our mind? Can I tell myself something over and over again until I believe it so whole-heartidly that I actually feel it too?

Ah well, I’m rambling. This all means very little.

However, I do think that emotional control would be superb.

The Vulcans may be on to something.

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